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Latest update: 2019-11-22
(current CV website)
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This website used to contain more details about each experience listed on my CV.

I added new publications since 2013, following the creation of an online e-zine on change in 2003-2005 (currently reprinted online, along with new material).

Therefore, decided to relocate the CV material elsewhere, while I will gradually add here new material on what is the knowledge and experience background to my business and publication activities.

Aim: to share online, as others shared in the past their content.

Stay tuned.

PS Meanwhile, you can have a look at the ongoing publication activities, as shown also on my CV:

Infographic Video Articles&Essays DigitalTransformation&Edge Concept
Books on Change Published Since 2013

You can see online on the QuPlan (A Quantum of Planning) book page the “episodes” on a fictional programme on compliance (over 200 pages), a business case developed to expand on the concepts presented within #QuPlan and other books.

Main business contact: Linkedin.

On Linkedin you can find also links to my publications, other online profiles, key experiences, current language skills, etc.

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