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Latest update: 2018-12-07
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This website contains more details about each experience listed on my CV, and you can search by industry, business domain, keyword (e.g. company name or technology).

As of 2018-04-03, the details for each sample project/position are accessible only via the link within the CV (see the Acrobat document above).

The next few lines should enable a 10-seconds overview of my experience profile- please feel free to contact me on Linkedin to discuss further details.

Main skills
Project, Programme, Account, Vendor Management; Cultural/Organizational Change Management
Roles covered
_ Since mid-1980s: business analysis, DSS and business intelligence, software and services pre-sales, negotiations, sales; design and delivery of ICT and non-ICT training programmes
_ Since 1990: project/change manager, budget/staff management, start-ups
_ Since mid-1990s: programme/account management, ERPs-related projects
_ Served in the Italian Army (compulsory service, 1985-1986), Artillery Specialist Group
Main industries
automotive, banking, consulting, financial, Italian Government entities, logistics, outsourcing, retail
Main domains
Finance and Controlling, General Management, ICT, Organizational Development, Purchasing, Quality
Currently looking for
Contracts in Europe in PMO or project/programme controlling roles; might be interest in permanent roles on: organizational change and development, business digital transformation
Language skills
English, French, Italian; currently improving German(attended B1 course August 2017 in Frankfurt at Goethe, aim eventually C1; used in the past passively to work in German Switzerland); skills in other languages

Since Spring 2013 I have been working on my own initiative on change, releasing 10 business mini-books on and about cultural, organizational, technological change and related communication activities, all available on Amazon (no usually no more than 100 pages, each focused on a specific theme).

Along with those books (more to be published in 2018), I also published a short notepad on change.

You can see online on the QuPlan (A Quantum of Planning) book page the “episodes” on a fictional programme on compliance (over 200 pages), a business case developed to expand on the concepts presented within #QuPlan and other books.

Main business contact: Linkedin.

On Linkedin you can find also links to my publications, other online profiles, key experiences, current language skills, etc.


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