1985-1986 Gruppo Specialisti Artiglieria Divisionale Centauro

Project: activities during the compulsory service

Industry: government, security


  • Proposed, designed, and delivered introductory training course on information technology, daily 16h00-20h00, for soldiers and NCOs+Officers (up to Lt. Colonel), with a total of 96 students, divided in separate classes by status;Reporting directly to the Head of the Divisional training unit (CAD OATIO, a Colonel), and coaching teachers
  • office management work (“furiere”) and staff/training/field exercise logistics planning for Gruppo Specialisti
  • volunteer designing, researching, drafting a computer software to replace ballistic tables (not completed)
  • volunteer librarian (i.e. opening the barracks’ library after delivering the NCO+Officers class)

Role(s): artillery specialist (weather forecast, and radio/topography training)

Employer: Italian Army

Business domains: audit and security, HR management, knowledge management, office management, supply chain management

Architectures: non-ICT, other architectures