1988-1990 Comshare o.b.o. Andersen

Project: DSS and EIS Packages pre- and post-sales engineering

Industry: automotive, banking, consumer electronics, financial, government, logistics&transportation, manufacturing, management consulting, marketing and communications, retail, sales management, software publishing

Content: worked mainly as Single Point of Contact on PC-based modeling, to support Andersen projects and Andersen or Comshare prospects in Italy, e.g.:

  • coached in Italy by Comshare/Andersen, and trained in sales&marketing in London by Comshare
  • main activity: Decision Support models for senior managers, in various industries and business domains
  • design and delivering of management workshops and training on data-based decision making
  • training design and train-the-trainer
  • pre-sales presentations and negotiation
  • sample models and activities directly carried out: San Paolo Invest (private banking/fund management: designed with the financial controller a system to monitor the network of agents; financial controlling and cost accounting); management training at Olivetti; sales&marketing/management reporting at Philips (consumer electronics and others); financial controlling and data reporting at SAV Trasporti (logistics/transportation); San Paolo HQ (banking) to design a DSS model to optimize HR costs (staffing by skills mix equivalence) while planning new retail banking branches
  • sample other activities carried out for Andersen on DSS/EIS: audit/support on Banco di Sicilia (large EIS); pre-sales DSS model design for Autostrade SpA; marketing model for Alitalia (logistics/airline); worked on and documented (800+ pages) a management reporting system distributed world-wide at Magneti Marelli units (over 60 companies), integrating data worldwide through an “electronic maildrop” system in The Netherlands, and delivering pilot management training on the new reporting system to few Italian business units (on how to provide financial, production, sales information through the system, and carry out analyses)

Role(s): DSS and EIS Comshare packages Pre- and Post-Sales Engineer

Employer: Andersen Software, an Andersen Consulting unit

Business domains: administration, audit and security, finance, HR management, marketing, office management, sales, supply chain management

Methods: Andersen Method/1, Decision Tables, ISO9000,MRP, Project Management

Architectures: Cloud/outsourced/SaaS, LAN, mainframe, mini, PC

Technologies: Andersen Design/1 and Manage/1, Comshare DSS and EIS, Database design, IBM DB2, Microsoft Office/Project/Visio

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