1990-1992 Compagnie Générale Informatique, Italian branch

Project: develop market on methodologies and associated change activities

Industry: management consulting, software publishing, system integration

Content: aim: develop the market in methodologies and associated change/management consulting services, and support to the managers in charge of other product-based units (SIGAGIP, TZAR, PRODSTAR) and the CASE PACBASE (underlining technology, under the supervision of the Marketing Director)

    sample activities:

  • designing and introducing methodologies for customers
  • Italian localization of MERISE and YOURDON methodologies
  • design, plan, and delivery of a campaign to attract customers and create visibility for methodologies, managed by coaching also staff on direct marketing, and delivering “open door days” workshops by invitation
  • pilot methodology project and workshop at Autogrill for the ICT Manager, on logistics and assortment planning in highway shops
  • pilot methodology project at Cedis Migliarini for the ICT Manager on warehouse management
  • pilot methodology project at Elettronica SpA for the Organizational Development Manager on using a CASE and design tool to create, evolve, and improve organizational design
  • pilot methodology project at Cogefar Impresit for the ICT Manager and Organizational Development, using BNF and semantic analysis for the new organizational design, and high-level planning for the relocation of their ICT systems
  • development and delivery of methodology training curricula in Italian for MERISE and YOURDON, while also coaching project managers and managers on the software development side, as well as potential new methodology consultants
  • pilot projects in support of the vertical packages and CASE product line managers, e.g. La Rinascente on the dematerialization on Optical support of payroll in branches (“libri matricola”), with the support of a payroll management consultant to prepare a proposal to INPS (Italian State organization) for a trial of the approach

Role(s): Responsabile Metodologie e Formazione (Senior Project Manager/Cadre); Head of Training and Methodologies, reporting to the CEO and the Marketing Director of the Italian branch

Employer: CGI

Business domains: administration, audit&security, HR management, knowledge management, marketing, quality, sales, Supply chain management

Methods: Decision tables, ISO9000, Merise, MRP, Project management, Yourdon

Architectures: LAN, mainframe, mini, non-ICT, PC

Technologies: CGI PACBASE and PACDESIGN, Database design