2004-2006 Ministero dell’Interno o.b.o. Reply

Project: immigration logistics and expenditure management (Schengen-based)

Industry: government, security


  • Immigration logistics portal on .Net and SQL Server 2005
  • workflow implementation and integration with the accounting backend, including expenditure tracking
  • management process traning design and delivery, including the creation of multimedia material that, after a “train-the-trainer” activity, was used by another resource to deliver training around Italy
  • due to budgetary constraints on the project management side, the activity was delivered partially pro-bono from Spring 2005, fully pro-bono from September 2005 (i.e. by leaving across summer 2005 at least one billable day a month to enable formally being considered on staff, while spending the time that was actually scheduled or needed, as previously agreed with the customer upon extension of the project)

Role(s): Project Manager and Business Analyst

Business domains: administration, finance, HR management, Supply chain management

Methods: ISO9000, Project management, UML

Architectures: Internet and social, LAN, non-ICT, PC

Technologies: Database design (ErWin, Visio, DB Designer, others), Microsoft .Net, Microsoft Office/Project/Visio, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, XML